Innovation Takes the Stage With Metal 3D Printing for Modelers and Creatives

Shapeways Offers 3D Printing in Stainless Steel

NEW ORLEANS, LA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 08/04/09 -- SIGGRAPH - Many 3D modelers have found their way to Shapeways to bring their personal designs to life by using 3D printing. Until now the materials were limited to different kinds of polymers. Today Shapeways becomes the world's first company offering 3D printing in stainless steel for everyone.


This is a completely new technique which deposits stainless steel powder in a very thin layer, combining it with a binding material. Printed objects are built up like this, layer by layer, gradually creating the form just as you designed it on the computer screen. When complete, they are infused with bronze and cured in an oven. After cooling, the models can be left in the original steel finish or tumbled to get a great polished look.


"After our offer for pre-designed stainless steel Ringpoems and cufflinks, we are now making 3D printing in metal available to everyone and for all products. This is a truly unique service that we are proud to announce. It is yet another step in Shapeways' continued commitment to deliver personalized production capabilities to everyone in the widest range of materials," says Peter Weijmarshausen, CEO of Shapeways.

New possibilities

Shapeways' users can now also choose to have their designs 3D printed in metal, allowing for a new look and feel to these unique items. New possibilities come into reach both functional and from a design perspective, because the material specifications of metal differ greatly from polymers. Pricing is reasonable at $10.00 per cm3. At this price level unique rings can be made for $4.70 only. Combining the creative power of Shapeways users with this new feature, there will be no limit to the creative and functional applications of 3D printing in metal. Visit to get started.

About Shapeways:

Shapeways, the world's first 3D co-creation community, brings design to life with cost effective, high quality 3D printing. Shapeways is redefining Do-It-Yourself by connecting consumers to the latest in micro production with easy to use click-and-drag product customization and advanced upload-to-print tools for seasoned 3D designers. Shapeways encompasses a diverse community of artists and enthusiasts engaging in everything from collaborative creation to selling their 3D designs as products through the unique Shapeways Shops, an international marketplace for consumer created 3D printed products. Shapeways is spinning out from the Lifestyle Incubator of Royal Philips Electronics, located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

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